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About Us

Our story

The thought of being a company (Language Mark) was ignited in the year 2015 ,It all started with an informal, but passionate discussion between three college graduates who were learning languages and culture about Italy realize about the diversity and the barriers of regions and languages and the amount of work in this era of globalization is substantial and to change the how the LSP works in India we want to bring the change this is how we decided to make a brand who can help every company to grow and make a mark of their existence global arena. From past 2015 Language mark helps many companies to communicate, understand &, grow. Nevertheless, we’re still a small company and therefore customer-oriented and flexible. Our team consists of 12 people, spread across 2 Country head office in Delhi & the sales office in Serbia, which focus on client relations, project management and quality assurance, in addition to about 1820 freelance translators.

Who We Are

Language Mark is emerging provider of language services with headquarters in India and sales offices in Serbia our services includes translation, transcription, Voice over, publication, software & website localization and manual-making services. Our work spirit is directed to make the language translation process as smooth, effortless and cost-effective as promising. We are offering worldwide professional translation services to leading businesses and firms with publishing needs. We are specialized in Market Research Questioners, technical documents, web translations and publishing processes for companies, general public and larger, specialist LSPs. As a specialized technology service, our company offers Human translation services. We believe in human translation. Welcome to Language Mark, your reliable translation company.

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Translation projects are complex undertakings. Requiring the coordination of numerous facets. Language Mark provides an extensive range of Translation services to help you address the nuances of translation to ensure success of your communications…

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We provide High quality Audio and Video Transcription Services to corporate, Legal Transcription, Media houses (Media Transcription) and Universities (Lecture or University Transcription). Our Transcription Rates start from $0.75/audio min.
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Language mark offers more then 170 consecutive & simultaneous interpretation our services also includes telephone interpretations, video interpreting, and face to face interpreters trained in over 170 languages.

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With over 2000 language specialists worldwide, Language Mark provides subtitling services in more than 120 languages for broadcast, theatrical, DVD, BD, DVD, 3D, mobile, VOD and online platforms.

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Overseas and Language Recruitment

Our dedicated Human resource team helps bridging barriers between employees and employers. We are massively networked domestically as well as internationally. Through the years, Language Mark has come to be known as the most dependent and competent, Emerging Language and Overseas recruitment agency.

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If you have 5,000 documents that need to be translated in a few Days.We are just a click away!