Case Study

Sony India Sets Record for Most Viewed YouTube Video in 24 Hours

Sony India is a well-known music video producer that has been entertaining audiences for years. They pride themselves on creating content that is relatable, inspiring, and inclusive of diverse cultures and languages.

Project &
the Challenges.

Sony India wanted to reach a global audience with their latest music video, but they faced a language barrier. They needed to provide captions for their lyrics in multiple languages to make the video accessible to viewers around the world. They were concerned about the accuracy of the translations, the tight deadline, and the cost of such a large-scale project.


Sony India found us through a referral from a fellow music producer. After discussing their needs with our team, they chose our captioning services, which included professional translation and subtitling in 28+ languages. We used advanced cat tools and software to ensure accuracy and consistency in the translations. Our team worked around the clock to meet the tight deadline, and we provided regular updates to Sony India throughout the project.


Thanks to our captioning services, Sony India's music video received unprecedented views and engagement on YouTube. It broke the record for the most viewed YouTube video in 24 hours, reaching a global audience and connecting with viewers of diverse cultures and languages. The accuracy and quality of our translations ensured that the lyrics were conveyed clearly and effectively in every language. In addition to achieving their goal of global reach, Sony India received positive feedback from viewers on the quality of the translations and the inclusivity of their content.


Sony India was extremely pleased with the results of our collaboration, and they praised our translation agency for our professionalism, quality, and exceptional service. They recommend our services to anyone looking to reach a global audience with accurate and culturally relevant translations. Our translation agency is proud to have contributed to Sony India's success and to have helped make their content accessible to viewers of diverse cultures and languages.

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