Streamlining Subtitling for Amara, the Inclusive Media Ecosystem

April 14, 2023

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Case Study

Streamlining Subtitling for Amara, the Inclusive Media Ecosystem



About our client.

Amara is a project of the Participatory Culture Foundation (PCF), a nonprofit working to build a more inclusive media ecosystem since 2006. Their mission is to make life-enriching content available to everyone, regardless of their language or hearing abilities.

The Challenges.

Amara had over 1800 hours of video content that needed to be subtitled in 23 languages. The content was sourced from various vendors and YouTube, making the process of managing the project and coordinating the subtitling team a challenge. Amara needed a reliable partner who could provide the finest talent in multiple languages, streamline the process, and deliver high-quality results within a short time frame.


Amara approached us to manage the subtitling process for their video content. We quickly assembled a team of experienced resources who had extensive knowledge of the languages required for the project. We also provided Amara with a detailed guideline for each of the 23 languages, which helped them improve the visibility and reach of their content.


Our team successfully completed the subtitling project in just eight months, delivering top-quality subtitles for over 1800 hours of video content. The final output was available in 23 languages, making Amara's content accessible to a wider audience. The subtitling effort resulted in a significant increase in engagement and viewership for Amara's content.

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Amara was extremely satisfied with the outcome of the project and the level of service we provided. They praised us for our timely delivery, high-quality work, and our attention to detail. They would highly recommend our services to other organizations who are looking for reliable and cost-effective subtitling solutions.

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