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Research shows that “75% of consumers prefer to buy products in their native language.” At Language Mark, we work with people who understand your consumers’ language, culture, and behaviors. We only look for (native) local experts who can help us to know how to effectively help your campaigns to address culturally to your consumers. With 8 years of continued devotion to the language industry; we are among the leading professional Language Service Providers in India. Our specialized linguistic talent acquisition team helps bridge language barriers


From the start-ups to multinationals companies’ localization plays an important part in your key strategy for business goals. In the era of GLOCAL, every industry sector including IT/ITES, Internet, e-learning, Publishing, Finance, Gaming, Media, Law, Pharmaceuticals, Oil & Gas, Investment, and Fashion targeting different geographies, regions and culture which need support of Language Specialist for their sustainable development & growth.

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Break down language barriers and unlock a world of possibilities with our comprehensive translation services. We offer expert translation solutions in over 197 languages, empowering you to connect with global audiences and expand your business reach.

Our team of skilled translators is well-versed in a wide range of languages, ensuring accurate and culturally relevant translations. Whether you need business documents, marketing materials, or website content translated, we have the expertise to handle your project with precision and professionalism.

Experience seamless communication and bridge the language gap with our trusted translation services.

We not only translate;
We localize.

Many agencies offer translation into the desired language; we as specialized language agency we translate your content from one language to another while carefully retain the original connotation, tone and intent which requires fluency and cultural background of the language. Our robust quality assessment helps us choose the perfect resource with domain-specific experience. As a result, the message you plan to deliver is the message received.

Simple & Affordable Pricing.

Our pricing structure is transparent and straightforward, ensuring that you know exactly what to expect. We take into account various factors such as language pair, project complexity, and turnaround time to provide you with a fair and accurate quote.

With our affordable pricing, you can access professional translation services tailored to your specific needs, whether it’s a small document or a large-scale localization project. We are committed to delivering value for your investment, helping you achieve your global communication goals without breaking the bank.

In the era of AI-
why human translation is still important?

Google, ChatGPT other AI learning platform use the simplest approach is to replace every word in a sentence with the translated word in the target language and the results are bad because it ignores grammar, intention and context, Now in the world of Ai, we started adding language specific rules to improve the results we just keep adding more rules until we can handle every part of grammar, our program should be able to translate any sentence, right?  


The problem is that human language doesn’t follow a fixed set of rules. Human languages are full of special cases, regional variations, and just flat out rule-breaking. The way we speak English more influenced by who invaded who hundreds of years ago than it is by someone sitting down and defining grammar rules.

We Localize…..

Our localization services has helped small agency to fortune 500 companies below are some of our key areas and we are not limited to these.

We Served Fortune 500 companies and government agencies.

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