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From conference, business meetings, delegation meet to site seeing we connect you with 1700+ interpreters across the globe, we can arrange professional to ease your language barriers .


Bridging language

Today, many businesses are expanding and reaching to every corner of the world. However, they always find it difficult to interact with colleagues, clients, partners, and common public across the globe. Communicating or interacting across borders may seem a simple task, but it often gives businesses hard time to get work done. At Language Mark, we have brought together a team of certified professionals who can help you attend and understand conferences, business meetings, seminars, and other business arrangements. Interpretation services in India offered by Language Mark enable you to expand your business, and thus, surge ahead of your competitors.  

Why Do You Need Interpretation Services?

Enhanced Sales

Businesses across the globe are now looking for partners who not only offer quality but also outrun their competitors in every aspect. If you are not able to communicate properly, it will be hard to do business across the world. Interpretation services by Language Mark can assist you and our professionals can let you successfully indulge in business meetings, seminars, and other such events.

Professional Interpretation Services- From conference, business meetings, delegation meet to site seeing we connect you with 1700+ interpreters across the globe, we can arrange professional to ease your language barriers .

Improved ROI

Interpretation is the basic need of modern corporate world. To communicate and fully understand your business colleagues, partners, and clients, you need interpretation services. When you acquire these services successfully from Language Mark, you can realize higher sales, increase revenue, converse better, and understand all the clients’ requirements in an efficient manner.

Global Outreach

It is evident that global outreach is the topmost priority now. However, if you are not able to talk to your audience or interpret what they are saying, your brand value won’t make a big difference. On the contrary, your audience also needs to understand what you are trying to convey. On a whole, better communication with your audience will give your business higher global outreach.

global outreach- language mark interpretation services !

What we offer?

Consecutive Interpretation

Consecutive interpretation conveys sentences one by one in different language suitable to you. Consecutive interpretation services offered by Language Mark can help you with small meetings, business conferences, sales meetings, conversation with colleagues, and product demo meetings.

Simultaneous Interpretation

Simultaneous interpretation conveys the message in a different language within few seconds of difference. Simultaneous interpretation services offered by Language Mark can assist you during international conferences, international seminars, public gatherings, court hearings, political meetings, etc.

Interpreation services
in more than 170+ Languages.

We cover over 98.7% of the languages used by internet globally, with over 197+ languages and more than 1700+ global interpreter database, from group discussion to business conferences we cover all.


We understand every project has different needs, for every client we have specially curated packages to address their requirements. Our cost effective interpretation solution has the best rates in the industry,  so every businesses can pursue their goal of going global.


Being a leader in Interpretation service provider, our portfolio includes a wide range
of services in interpretation.

  • Escorting Interpretation
  • Whisper Interpretation
  • Scheduled Telephone Interpreting 
  • On-Demand Phone Interpretation
  • Video Remote Interpretation (VRI)


  •        Conference interpretation Services
  •        Face-to-Face Interpretation
  •        Business delegation Interpretation
  •        Medical tourism and Interpretation
  •        Online Interpretation services

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