English to Italian Translation – Language Mark
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English to Italian Translation

English to Italian translation 

About the Italian language

Italian language (la lingua Italiana) descended from Latin in contrast to several different romance languages, is spoken by approximately eighty-five million people primarily in Europe. It is spoken as a language by 65 million people within the EU (mainly in Italy) and spoken as a second language by fourteen million people in non-European countries like Swiss Confederation and The Republic of Albania. It is one amongst the official languages of the EU since 1954.
Italian is spoken by mainly in Italian Republic, Switzerland, San Marino and Vatican city and spoken as a second language in The Republic of Albania, Malta, Slovenia, and Croatia. It is also spoken by minorities in State of Eritrea, Crimea, Libya, Montenegro, France, Romania, Monaco and Somalia. It is an official language of 4 countries Italy, Switzerland, San Marino and Vatican city.

Our English to Italian language services include:

• English to Italian Document Translation
• Italian Simultaneous Interpretation
• Italian Consecutive Interpretation
• Italian Transcription
• Italian Voice overs and Subtitling
• Italian E-Learning Support
• Italian Captioning and Subtitling

We support virtually all kinds of document format Languagemark will translate from simplest of the document varieties to the most advanced document varieties.
Following are the common kind of documents that we tend to translate:

  • Word, Excel, PPT, TXT
  • PDF (editable and uneditable)
  • HTML, XML, XLF & XLIFF files
  • InDesign files (INDD, IDML)

    • Dedicated project manager
    • Support and assistance via email, phone and chat
    • Always available for urgent translations


    • Post-completion project support
    • Extensive quality assurance
    • 3000+ experienced translators


    • Trusted by Fortune 500 companies
    • Proud to serve any size business
    • Colabration with largest software companies