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Why you should add Closed Captioning (CC) to Videos on YouTube | Pagal by badshah

Why you should add Closed Captioning (CC) to Videos on YouTube | Pagal by badshah

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23 October, 2019
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Benefits of adding closed captioning to your YouTube videos !

Our latest project with Sony India for one of the renowned Artist “Badshah” has broken a world record with his new song, Pagal, dethroning the popular South Korean band BTS, by crossing 75 million-plus views in 24 hours. Within minutes of its release, the song an all-out rhythmic pop banger – became a viral sensation.

1.Reach a larger audience

The internet has changed rapidly in few years, from written Blogs to Vlogs and YouTube is the biggest platform which enables creators to reach a larger audience, No doubt the producer company “Sony Music India ” has chosen to subtitle their video in more than 15 languages, definitely this has accommodated the song to reach a larger audience.

2. Engage the audience to your content

Across emerging markets, India and Indonesia access the Internet solely through mobile more than two in three people. Surveyed say when they’re on mobile, people around the world – and especially in emerging markets – enjoy watching the video on their phone and adding subtitles to their video engage the audience and help them connect with the content in their native language.
Language Mark is delighted to be chosen by Sony Music India to help them with there subtitling requirement, we have subtitled their video in more than 11 languages in 3 days turnaround time and we are more than happy to see that we have helped our client reach a larger audience and made a mark.

3. AI generated or Professional human closed captioning ?

There is no doubt, artificial intelligence has taken a whole leap to our lives and now they are capable of generating great subtitles, if you have small project or personal channel you can go for the AI generated caption but remember to reach a large audience, you need to understand the nuances of their culture too which AI is still unable to generate.

“Language Mark” continuing devotion to the language industry; we are among the leading provider of professional subtitling services in India.

Our offering includes 197+ Language pairs and 19,000+ Subtitling language specialists worldwide which helped us to retain the list of the most reliable & professional subtitling & close caption service company.

We have over the years evolved, and our excellent track record is the witness to our continuous growth and market sustainability.