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Google Pixel Buds- A $159 would be a game changer for interpretation Industry?

Google Pixel Buds- A $159 would be a game changer for interpretation Industry?

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6 October, 2017
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On Wednesday night Google unveiled new Pixel 2 and alongside Google also launched Google Pixel Buds which claimed as an AI-powered wireless ear buds offering instant translation between 40 different languages using a Pixel smartphone and no doubt the demonstration was impressive, but it isn’t the first firm to put that capability into a set of ear buds. Dash Pro earbuds have been able to perform the same since May with an app call the iTranslate available on an iPhone.

Being into the world of translators and interpreters we all know how machine translation of Google Translate and Bing translator works, so for now business and commercial space surely would not take chances with these upcoming devices, although at same time we have witnessed Google Translate and Bing translator came up with the huge improvement as more data we are feeding the more smarter they become.

The other company who are trying to use AI into to bridge the language barriers are Microsoft’s Skype Translator

None of the currently available technologies and gadgets are quite close to replace the ongoing language industry but they are in the way no denial, you can also read the blog of Adam Champy Product Manager for Google Pixel Buds.

We want to hear from you, what is your opinion about how Ai is transforming the language industry.