Things to know before Investing in Make In India

Make in India, a major national initiative which has been designed to facilitate investment, foster innovation and enhance skill development. They are building best-in-class manufacturing infrastructure to attract the foreign investment and here India seeks to roll back barriers to foreign investment and speed up growth in Asia’s third-biggest economy, As India continues to draw attention from global companies who are aiming to expand their global reach and customer base and initiative like Make in India we need to get some key facts about the internet and the present Language services providers in India.

In India, the internet is been used by more than 400 million users which are expected to grow 41 percent to 600 million by 2021 and 80% residents are non-English speakers with a preference for more than 1,000 Indic languages nationwide and over 1,599 dialects with 122 major languages and among them 22 are official to become the Asia’s third-biggest economy, considering the facts and the diverse culture of India definitely creates challenges to the global companies and government organization to be on the same page, as global companies trying to fuel their growth in Indian Market of new buyers and Government bodies to facilitates the best services to the foreign investors in the country.

6 Years of journey and expanding, Language Mark sets a global persona in language industry and helped many big small companies to reach their customers, presently to bridge the language barriers for Indic language we expanded our capabilities with more than 1000+ members across the country and in addition to about 3800+ freelance translators across the globe to help Clients to reach the customers in Indian market.

We have over the years evolved and our excellent track record is the witness to our continuous growth and market sustainability, we will foray into new endeavors and the business association will be a milestone for many more to come.


Our Portfolio of services including translation, transcription subtitling & captioning, content creation, creative writing and project management

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